Association Of National Exchanges Members Of India

President's Message

 It is an honour to be elected as President of our esteemed organization ANMI for the year 2021-22. I take this appointment as a privilege to serve our esteemed members and all associated with ANMI for the past 25 years.

The helm of affairs brings forth the responsibility to carry on the good work done in the past and lay the path for future leaders follow. I am happy that I take guidance from all my past presidents who are stalwarts from our industry. Their achievements will light up my path over the next year.

The year ahead will be different from what we were accustomed to and have considered as normal practice. Well that has all changed in the past year of world pandemic. Our immediate past president Mr. Anup Khandelwal has successfully laid down the paradigms on which our new world is set. Much will change in future and we will need to adapt to the neo normal as a way of life.It will be right at this juncture to set up the focus points and a  vision for the year ahead.

They may be as follows:

1.   We need to work on the rationalization of compliances. I strongly feel that there are too many compliances that we follow. Most of them have become redundant over the passage of time while some are duplicates. This needs to be rationalized and reduced to lighten the work burden of us all.

2.   Peak margin has started showing up on the volumes. This issue needs to be deliberated and discussed with the regulator otherwise business itself may become unviable for many of our member brokers.

3.   Focus on investor education will be the way life. We will be seeing great many changes in business methods and philosophy. Educating the investor for seamless and smooth market participation is a must and here we have take a greater role to play.

4.   We need to have a greater liason with the regulator. This will not only lay the path for development of the capital market as a whole, but also enlighten investors.

5.   Better connectivity with members – In this world of fast moving information connectivity between various stakeholders and members will be the key to successful operations. It will help us understand problems and glitches what members face and needs to be resolved fast.

6.   To work for the betterment of ANMI as a whole will be the continuous and ever important job at hand. Ours is an organization where united we have stood strong and overcome hurdles.

We will continue to do so with great vigour and strength.I would also like to mention here that last year we did a study on cost of transaction and international taxation. This year too I would like to take up specific projects to study which will benefit all our members.

The year ahead will throw up new challenges for us. I am sure the collective effort from us all will happily see us through. Needless to say I and our newly appointed board will require your help and support for a smooth

K.K. Maheshwari

President ANMI

Mr. K. K. Maheshwari
Anup Kumar Khandelwal
Vijay Bhushan
Mr. Rajesh Baheti
Mr. K. Suresh
Mr. S. K. Rustagi
Mr. Gopal Krishna Agarwal
Dr. Naresh Maheshwari
Mr. Naresh Tejwani
Mr. R. C. V. M. Prasada Rao
Mr. Rakesh Somani
Dr. Naresh Maheshwari