Association Of National Exchanges Members Of India

Our Structure

ANMI- The Association of National Exchanges Members of India is a pan India body comprising of four regional chapters:


(ANMI National Secretariat)


(Eastern India Regional Council)


(Western India Regional Council)


(Southern India Regional Council)

The regional chapters represent the members of National Exchanges (viz NSE & BSE) from the entire length & breadth of the country.

The Association functions in a complete democratic system, elections are held every year in all regions, wherein the officials are elected at regional level. At the regional level, members elect eleven members to Regional Council who in turn nominate Directors, from amongst the elected members of the respective Council, to the Central Council which forms the Board of Directors.

The numbers of Directors are six, four, two and one each from Western Region, Northern Region, Eastern Region and the two chapters of Southern Region respectively. The ratio of number of Directors to the Board was decided on number of members on roll of the respective region / chapter.

The Board of Directors functions under the President who is assisted by an Alternate President. The posts of President and Alternate President rotate annually between the Regions. As per their turn the regional council nominates the President and Alternate President from amongst their elected council members.