Association Of National Exchanges Members Of India


Dear ANMI Members,
On a point of reaching you all, with your love, affection and untiring support, ANMI is stepping into its new leaf of professional & hybrid facilitation services, to assist you on variety of services to cater to your needs, titled FACE.
F A C E, a facilitation centre, set up with an objective to provide facilitation services in areas of Legal, Regulatory, Insurance Solutions,  Information Technology, Compliance, health & Fitness, etc. F A C E is a one stop reference to all your queries/problems/needs. FACE is a prestigious project i have chosen to make a success with your blessings and participation.
F A C E provides a bouquet of facilitates to our members, viz:-
  • ANMI FAMILY - Members success depends upon the strength of the back office ie. Family among many things. It is therefore decided to reward the talent of children of members on a national platform by awarding merit recognition prizes, mementos, etc. and lot more including get together programs.
To make above products tailor made to suit your needs, I request your response and feedback at
Dr.V Raghvendra Prasad