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About ABCD (ANMI Bureau of Client Disputes)

ANMI takes pride in announcing another valuable initiative for its members - the ANMI Bureau of Client Disputes, or ABCD as it is known in short.

ABCD is a secure, online application intended to help ANMI Members to stay informed on disputes that other ANMI Members have faced with their clients.

Here is a brief introduction of what ABCD can do for you:

A) The main functionality of the ABCD application is the ability to log in Client Disputes faced, and to access disputes that have been logged by other ANMI Members.

B) It is possible to access disputes logged by other Members in two ways - either by searching by PAN Number, or by downloading disputes data in MS Excel format.

C) In addition, there are also value-added features. A Chat function is available, where periodic chat sessions are held with eminent personalities, or among Members to discuss important issues. The Fact or Fiction function is a repository of useful information on different topics - all Members can contribute articles as well as read articles uploaded by other Members.

You can access ANMI ABCD by clicking on the link below, and login using your ANMI Code and Password that you would have received on becoming an ANMI Member.

In case you have not yet received your ANMI Code and Password, please write to us at and we will be happy to assist you

Get started today!

Click here to access ANMI ABCD »